Monday, June 1, 2015


In my mind I try and imagine what more, what next, how can I use a My Bestie image this time?  Well today I thought about making the image smaller, changing the color and then making some blank stationary so that when I needed a quick card I would be ready.  You can purchase this image by clicking here

Not quite a 5 minute project, but for sure less than 30.  To get perfect placement for the actual card, I first printed an image for my template onto a piece of printer paper.  I secured the card panels one by one on top of the printed image, giving me perfect placement and then re-ran it through the printer.  I did not want the image to be in black so I changed the color to a shade of grey to give it a softer look.  I offset the image so that I will have room to add a sentiment later, a  few color blocks with some ribbon and just like that I have some ready made blank cards for the next the next occasion.   

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and until next time enjoy
"creating something handmade"


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