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Sometime when I create I don't always know how things will turn out until I am all done.  I try and express my creativity through my projects because in my mind arts and crafts are the best thing in the world.  I have been given a wonderful opportunity to create for Sherri Baldy, owner of My Besties digital and rubber stamps.  You can find a new post every Monday so please make sure you stop by and say hello.

For my project I decorated  a 6x6 mini album cover.  This adorable Steampunk image can be purchase by clicking the link here 

The thought I had when I started was to create on a book page.  I had saw projects online and on Pinterest where projects were being water colored on book now that my wheels started spinning, I really  wanted to color with my Copic markers because I have a bigger range of colors...but
 how does one do that?  If I print my digital image on this page, the inks are going ruin my markers and make a muddy mess.

What was the secret?  Gesso.  I coated the book paper with a thin layer of Gesso  (a thick white primer that seals, stiffens, and provides surface "tooth" for painting surfaces.  For use with Acrylic, Oils, Casein, Tempera and other paint media) and fast dried it with my heat gun.

Now while the directions said nothing about Alcohol ink I thought in my mind let me try, let me see what will happen if I color on top of this sealer what will happen.

(in this photo you are looking at the extra details I did which I will explain below)

I printed the image from my HP Deskjet 1510 and heat set it with my heat gun, I just wanted to make sure that when I started to color that the ink would not react and mess up the nibs of my markers.  When I started to color I loved that I was still able to have the wording peek through the color.  One thing that I loved when I started to add the color is how the ink stayed on the surface and moved, giving it the feeling of water color.  So don't be alarmed if the color stays wet a bit longer, just let it dry before adding more color or it may become a bit tacky, but rest assured that your markers are not harmed

The extra details are what I love just the same.  I brought out my washi tape, yet I did not want the tape to be such a strong focus point on my project, so I took my finger and dipped it into Gesso and rubbed it over the tape to mute it a bit.  Then got the Modeling Paste and my stencil create another layer of texture.  Mixed Media and layer are my one opportunity to be free and not worry about alignment and, I have issue with things not lining up, but not here...

I rate this project a 10 because I love that you can start with one technique and build to create a fun piece of art.  Creativity is all about trying new things out and seeing what becomes in the end.

I appreciate you stopping by my blog and viewing my project..check out the blog every Monday for a new My Besties Project

xoxo, Deirdre

This is the brand of Gesso I have used and what the page looks like before primed and printed on

To add extra depth in my coloring I dry brush on Walnut Stain Ink from Tim Holtz

Thank you for stopping by....

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