Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am a gadget type of girl and I like to have things that make my life easy to feed my family...today I used my steamer to make Tamarind Soup with clear Seawood Noodles and Meat Balls...also at the same time I was able to steam BBQ Pork Buns...
Thank you Aroma for coming into my life...

This is my new little friend...I am loving the possibilities of steamed food

what I had on hand to make soup, a tangy soup mix you just add water and ingredients

My very favorite, BBQ Pork Buns

This yummy goodness inside

This is the soup, I added the meatballs frozen, and they came out perfect

Clear Seawood Noodles, very tender and very good, they have no flavor except for what it grabs from the seasoning

This for sure will be my Vegas summertime cooker...with a gas stove in the kitchen and over 100 degrees outside it is important not to heat the house.

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