Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am loving the idea of cutting my own steaks.  I paid a visit to Costco and they had beautiful Beef Round Roast.  I was able to cut out 10 steaks about 1 inch thick, then seasoned them and put them in zip lock bags and into the freezer for later cooking....
Purchased Beef Round Eye Round Roast from Costco and cut 10 steaks

Used 5 and seasoned with this yummy seasoning

and took the other 5 and seasoned with this

Packaged these all up in freezer bags and now they are ready when I need  to cook a meal
I hope you find  Mish Mash Cuisine cooking tips useful.  Cutting your own steaks and seasoning them prepares you for those rainy days when you need a meal fast or getting ready for a BBQ!!!

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