Saturday, June 23, 2012


I am in love with Saturated Canary images..

 Krista Smith is an amazing artist and I can't wait to see her digital images on rubber....

 I enjoy coloring, it makes me happy when I don't need to add embellishments to make my card complete. Below is a card using Wendy and is a perfect example of "LESS BEING MORE"!!!

She is so pretty and I wanted her to appear as if she were at home, so I drew wood flooring and a baseboard, using a simple paper to act as the wallpaper.
I adore my Copic Markers and my new found love for chalks and paper piecing.
My completed card.  I drew the wood flooring and added a baseboard to have her
appear to be sitting at home against a wall.
 closeup of this beautiful image Wendy

I love to paper piece!!!
This is my before it's all done photo

Thank you so very much for stopping by!!!

  • Aileen Bray-Smith Cute...So will I be seeing you on that new Craft Reality Show?
  • Kim Underhill Potter Awww she's adorable!


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