Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I feel like a little kid doing all this coloring, and I am especially in love with Digi Stamps because you can print the image out at any size....which is perfect when you are practing with color.  The image on the left is mainly colored with chalk.  The image on the right is all Copic Markers.  I can't decide which I like the best.  The image came out so soft and then again so bold. 

I for sure have found my new fun time when it comes to coloring.  And not to mention I just love the images from Saturated Canary...
Doris Parker LOVE them both!!

  • Laurie Can Do-it Love the chalk, but they are both cute!

  • Aileen Bray-Smith Real cute. What do these go on? Do you sell them? Can you get them in darker skin tones?

  • Lori Robinson Myers So adorable! They remind me of the artist that does Did you draw these?

  • Doris Parker Aileen you can make (color) them in any shade of skin...

  • Jessica Kephart Holy Cow Deirdre!! You are so amazing!! ;)

  • Tiffany Thecraftyteacher Grant-Simmons Both are awesome! I like the subtleness of the chalk but I also like the boldness of the Copics!
  • Tuesday at 7:50am ·

  • Ava Jo Fernandez They are both beautiful

  • Annmarie Glover-Banks wow u are talented!!

  • Lisa Hill Beautiful like you sis!

  • Akiko Davis The both look great and you can you them both for different occasions and vibes
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