Monday, August 27, 2012


My first organizing job.  I had a blast putting together her studio.
I wanted to make sure that everything had a place 
and that when I was done it was exactly like she wanted it.....using her existing pieces and a little sorting system, the end result came out beautiful.

Here are the links to some of her furniture featured in this photo:

A great piece of furniture to hold punches, embossing powder and stamps

Another fantastic piece from IKEA

Paper holders are from now closed Hambly Studios

Thanks for taking a peek,


Linda Milroy Awesome, where did the cabinet with drawers come from that is at the end of the table.
August 27 at 3:51am ·

Elizabeth Hartley WOW!!!
August 27 at 3:51am

Jill Angel ‎Linda Milroy that looks like an Ikea cabinet. That is just amazing!
August 27 at 4:00am · Like

Deirdre Smith That cabinet is an Ikea drawer
August 27 at 4:00am

Deirdre Smith

ALEX Drawer unit on casters - black - IKEA
IKEA - ALEX, Drawer unit on casters, black , Finished on the back. Suitable for use in the middle of a room.
August 27 at 4:04am

Deirdre Smith But this one is in white, I also have this, and it is great for stamps as well
August 27 at 4:04am

Deirdre Smith this is what is holding the pink and black boxes

EXPEDIT Shelving unit - white - IKEA
IKEA - EXPEDIT, Shelving unit, white , Finished on all sides. Can also be used as a room divider.
August 27 at 4:09am

Jan Whetzel it~~~
August 27 at 4:47am

Tina Dyke wow!!!!
August 27 at 5:00am

Deirdre Smith Thank you ladies....
August 27 at 5:21am

Iva Youngs you did a great job! Love the paper racks!
August 27 at 5:22am

Deirdre Smith Paper racks are from a now closed Hambly Studios
August 27 at 5:24am

Sarah Wirl very nice!!
August 27 at 6:20am

Jessica Baker OMG - do my room lol
August 27 at 6:37am

Dandy Civitarese oh I wish you lived close to me!
August 27 at 7:28am

Lisa Seward Trail this looks gorgeous!!
August 27 at 7:55am

Melissa Fante- Asbury nice!
August 27 at 8:17am

Sheree Hendrix Burress Wow. This is stunning! Love the clean look and amily photos....splash of pink is awesome! Great job!
August 27 at 9:18am

Irene Aiello Very Nice
August 27 at 11:56am

Stephanie Sparks Salva diedre smith do u have a close up of the paper racks?
August 27 at 1:01pm ·

Lezlye Hardwick-Lauterbach Cool! Gotta love those IKea pieces!
August 27 at 1:45pm

Deirdre Smith Stephanie sorry I don't have a close up, but if you have an iPhone or such you can zoom in on the photo...the racks are similar in style to a letter stacking tray. Where the legs snap into each other. Hope that helps.
August 27 at 1:59pm

Nikki Jones So, do you take appointments???
Tuesday at 10:04am

Susan Pollock Just beautiful
Tuesday at 11:12am

Deirdre Smith Nikki Jones yes I do...
Tuesday at 1:58pm

Dandy Civitarese do you do road trips to Canada? LOL!
Tuesday at 6:56pm

Deirdre Smith I would love to come to Canada.....I use to live in Seattle....anything is possible....
Wednesday at 2:51am

Lisa Seward Trail what's against the wall under the pictures?
Wednesday at 4:56am

Deirdre Smith ‎Lisa Seward Trail those are paper racks.
Wednesday at 5:41am

Lisa Seward Trail if you ever want to come visit england Deirdre Smith! let me know *lol*
Wednesday at 6:02am

Deirdre Smith England, are you kidding, I would be over the moon excited......
Wednesday at 12:35pm

Melissa Fante- Asbury Oh you wouldn't be to excited because there isn't much room to work with here in these houses for organizing your scrap stuff! :(
Wednesday at 12:41pm

Deirdre Smith ‎Melissa Fante- Asbury I use to think the same, I have a small place here in California, and I managed a small miracle....
Wednesday at 2:16pm

Melissa Fante- Asbury I manage a small miracle as well but seriously these houses are crazy small compared to the smallest of apartments I've had in the States. Sometimes I feel like Mary Poppins with all the stuff I have hidden and tucked away. :)
Wednesday at 2:20pm

Deirdre Smith LOL....where do you live?
Wednesday at 2:24pm

Dandy Civitarese all the way up in Calgary AB Can.
Wednesday at 2:25pm

Melissa Fante- Asbury Ely England.
Wednesday at 2:27pm

Deirdre Smith You ladies have me convinced I need to start a new profession Navy retired to organizer....this job took me from 9am - 11pm, but it was so worth the end result, and I tell you there was alot of stuff...
Wednesday at 2:27pm

Melissa Fante- Asbury it's just about having the right storage for what you have and what room you have to put it in. I'm working on trying to get a larger house right now so finger crossed I get it so I can start back up my crops.
Wednesday at 2:29pm

Deirdre Smith Crossed...and I agree
Wednesday at 2:30pm

Melissa Langford Mueller I think you have found your calling Deirdre Smith :)
Wednesday at 5:51pm

Deirdre Smith Wish you all lived in Ca, so I could
Wednesday at 10:30pm

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