Friday, February 17, 2012


this was taken at CHA

Well this Saturday the 18th is my birthday, looks like I will be doing my most favorite thing in the whole wide world, cropping with my girlfriends......we are going to a new store to me Green Tangerines which I have heard is an amazing store......January was a busy month went to CHA in Anaheim, while thereI was blessed with being able to design a few cards for the one and only Heidi Grace and I also designed some stuff for the WOW booth.....February not only kicked off my birthday, but my son's 19th, new projects and the beginning of College Track season for my son, our first track meet is today....Little Miss is doing awesome in school, had some high school interviews to discuss her options at the new school and what her future will look like, pretty awesome and very excited for her.  So as I run out the door to go watch my son, I wish all of you a great and crafty weekend...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME......

this was the card for the WOW! booth at CHA

The Frame for the WOW! booth

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