Friday, January 6, 2012


I am showing things as I go along. I over time purchased the cube furniture from Michaels and I love the fact that the cubes are versatile and you can mix and match the pieces. Again with limited space and with them being the same size it makes it easy to stack this furniture.

I stacked the cubes to form a desk and I used a desktop that I purchased from Ikea. I was able to set this desk up near my Cricut (Benno DVD Storage from Ikea)

This is a front view.

I love stickles and these divided drawers worked out perfectly to store them all, along with some re-inkers and more that are in bottles.

I love Tim Holtz's inks, the drawers were the perfect size to put them into. I will be labeling the side of the ink so that I can identify each color.
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