Monday, May 18, 2015


Coloring with for me is about the little details, the little things that make and image pop and come alive.  Today I wanted to share a quick tutorial for creating shadows using my Copic Markers.  This image can be purchased in Sherri Baldy's Etsy shop, click here

I wanted to have the shadows appear to be in the very back of this image so I started with my darkest color and outlined in random areas that would bring the image forward


Going over the first color and out, I wanted to blend and soften the first color, coming in with random dots using the tip of the marker

B000; B0000

Using these 2 color back to back these are the lightest colors again going over lightly the previous colors I just extended the shadow out  and adding more random dots

B02; B01, B000; B0000

Using all 4 colors I added and did my touch ups, and even without adding the color to the actual image upi can see how the shading gives the appearance of the image coming off the page.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and if you would like to purchase this image click here to go directly to the shop

xoxo Deirdre

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