Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Happy New Year Glittered Roses Friends, it has been a few weeks since I have blogged or even made a project.  I for sure did not plan it that way, but this holiday was a very special holiday and I had to get ready.  I cleaned and purged my little heart out and welcomed my fiance into my home.  He lives in CA and while I have had the chance to see him plenty, due to work he just could not get away until Christmas.  I have not had a Christmas or New Years celebration since 2010 which January 2nd was the passing of my Mother, you truly never know the life death can take out of the living until you actually lose someone you love.

With all of this being said that brings me to my post title.  I have had a love hate relationship with planners and all the fuss.  I never thought that I had anything good to plan or let alone important enough to document, so I have stayed away from all the cute planners and cards and such, but going into 2016 I have a new lease on life.  I an newly engaged to my high school sweet friend.  And I say friend because while dating him was not an option, we did go to the same school and have reconnected back in March of 2015.  It is a wonderful feeling to have 2 of the best kids in the world, a new puppy and a man who loves you to the moon and beyond.  We have a had such a wonderful journey so far, that all of this is worth documenting along with printing out the photos.

But here is my problem, I know what I have in my head as the perfect journal and I know that I have issues sticking to one thing, so my concept will be a Mish Mash of things I love from stamps to stickers neatly tucked away in a 5x8, 3 ring binder.  I will decorate it my way and add things the way that will fit the journey I want to document.  I love bits and pieces from this concept from many companies and when I was purging and organizing I found items that will help me to achieve what I am after.   Now while I gathered things past and present, it all came together tonight.

I was able to use and old Avery 3 ring binder that I had in my stash and purchased Avery Calendar Pages that I found at Target as my planner foundation.  I will using document protectors that I had and will just dive in with my Mish Mash of products to get all my thoughts, appointments and adventures neatly organized in one place.  My documenting will start with 2015 and moving into 2016 and I will take lots of photos of my finished pages along the way.

My 1st full post will go over the product list and such, but in the meantime I want to invite you to join me on my journey.  I don't mean to go against the grain, but with so many choices on the market and me with 1 foot in and one foot out on if I should do this or not I just knew that I had to create something that would give me the freedom to be.  I am a quirky type of crafter at times and this is what will work for me...

Happy New Year


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