Monday, April 27, 2015


Sometimes you just have to stop and take a break..To free your mind and find your creativity in order to keep going.  I get in creative blocks especially when I have alot to do or going on.  This was a perfect time for me to pause and just get outside and see what the spring weather had brought.

When I am outside I don't see a plant for just a plant I see color, I see texture and dimension

This little cutie pie is my daughter.  She is just so expressive not only in photos, but in her day to day

If you look down at the ground there is a whole new world erupting and being build.  I look at this colony of ants and I wander where they get all of there strength from and the energy to just keep going far beneath the earth

It was a yellow orange color and I saw a craft pom pom blooming from the tree

I saw this beautiful green texture that covered this tree, it was so smooth yet odd in color from what I see on most trees

And here as I turned the corner there was this beautiful sunset...Las Vegas has the most amazing sunrises and sunsets, I often take alot of photos just to capture the change from street to street.

Don't ever get stuck behind the normal, unleash your inner photographer skills and get outside to see what you can see, surprised you sure will be

Photo taken by me and my Galaxy Note 4 phone
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