Monday, January 11, 2016


While I am not new to Planners, this year I am actually going to be using my handmade own (cover will be decorated when I come up with the right design).  My planner will be a mish mash of  products that I love and ideas of the simple things that happen in my life
I think what has held me back was feeling limited to a style and not having enough wiggle room to adjust it to what I how I wanted to document my day to day.

Losing my Mother in 2011 to finding love in 2015 my times have for sure changed for the better and I felt inspired this year to create for myself and not just design for my DT duties.  True story no joke, when I first started crafting I invested in the best printer and computer so that I could create my own sayings, tags and anything that words were needed for my crafts, so I knew my planner had to go back to what I felt the most comfortable doing.  I had in my stash a mini 3 ring binder and TONS of document because back when I had to put everything in a document protector.  While in Target I found  the Avery brand monthly/weekly blank calendar pages which was perfect for me because I knew I wanted to start my planner with some highlights for 2015

I found some cute, thin Washi Tape at Hobby Lobby and some Recollections Pens at Micheals, the light blue Washi I am not sure where I got that one from, but it works well for school related items

I think my favorite part of my journal finds are these clearance stickers I found at Michaels by Simple Stories called Life Documented.  I purchased all I could find, but they are just cute and the perfect colors that allow me to mix and match with different papers, tapes, stickers and more that I have in my stash

I purchased a few years back this brand new electronic typewriter for $4.00 at the Thrift Store and I have been dying to use it on something...BINGO, my planner.  This is the first section of the calendars where I'm documenting 2015 happenings and because the sections are small my typewriter is perfect for this girl who tends to write BIG...

Using my Canon wireless printer I printed my Facebook photos out on 4x6 paper.  I went this route because these photos had the write up and date of the event, so I thought it took the guess work out of what I wanted to document for 2015 highlights

I kept everything uniform and mounted the photos onto black paper.  This will be the format throughout my planner.  Here I used my printer and printed it out on copy paper and just mounted it to cardstock

I added a little extra wording about each photo

This is the monthly calendar section, I will document as it happens using my typewriter in conjunction with my own handwriting

Here is my first project of the year for the My Besties company, I am happy that I am able to be a designer for such a great company.  I will continue to add highlights for each month placing the work into a document protector...

I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and hope that you are inspired to create and document in 2016


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